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Powerful collaboration for your team or small business

$ 10 / user / month, billed anually*

  • Unlimited documents, spreadsheets, and slides
    Collaborate in docs, spreadsheets, and slides, each with built-in chat. It’s easy to discuss, revise, and reach a final decision in one place.
  • Group chat and 1-to-1 messages
    Communicate with your colleague or entire team with smart group chat capabilities.
  • Desktop, tablet, and mobile access
    Award-winning mobile apps on Android and iOS keep your team members together, no matter where they are.
  • Special Offer
    only available on quip.com
    $ 30 for first five users

*$12 per user, per month with monthly commitment.
Starter cannot be purchased or combined with Quip for Salesforce.


Secure productivity platform for large and complex teams

$ 25 / user / month, billed anually

  • All Starter features, plus
  • Single sign-on
    Set up secure access management by integrating Quip with your IAM solutions, including Salesforce, Okta, Microsoft, OneLogin and more.
  • Enterprise API and customization
    Customize Quip with our Live Apps and automation APIs to work directly with internal tools and processes.
  • Custom Live Apps
    Build and use custom Live Apps for your entire organization to access and use.

Quip for Salesforce

Robust integrations with Salesforce for sales, service, and marketing workflows

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  • All Enterprise features, plus
  • Quip integrations with Sales & Service Clouds:
  • Edit live Quip documents in Salesforce
    The Lightning Document Component allows users to work on live Quip documents, spreadsheets, slides, and chat rooms directly within objects and records in Sales and Service Clouds.
  • Spreadsheets with live Salesforce data
    Open Salesforce reports in a Quip spreadsheet with a single click. The data is always up to date and ready for discussion.
  • 2-way sync with Salesforce data
    Salesforce Record Live App allows you to view, update, and discuss field data for Salesforce records directly inside a Quip doc.
  • Sales & service use cases
    Living account plans, rich opportunity notes, collaborative close plans, collaborative pricing plans, live deal feeds, case swarming, and campaign workspaces.

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